【Online Casino】A description of the criteria for evaluating casino site recommendations

Recommended game types
site awareness
It is reflected in the 카지노사이트 recommendation score by examining the operating period of the casino site , whether or not acquiring a casino license, whether or not there is a deposit in the casino community, and whether or not there is a history of cheating. In particular, how many licenses you have legally contracted, and the size of the deposit in the casino community, are highly reflected in the evaluation score of site recognition.

Casino Bonuses/Coupons
Various promotions such as first deposit bonus, cashback bonus, acquaintance referral bonus, free spin bonus, signup coupon, comp bonus, activity coupon, deposit coupon, lugging coupon, and tournament execution are included in the evaluation score.
Casino bonus coupons can be withdrawn after use.
The purpose of using casino coupons is to withdraw money. Sites that require strict withdrawal conditions regardless of the number of coupons were excluded from the recommendation ranking .

Deposit/withdrawal speed and eat-and-run verification
Deposit/withdrawal speed and scam history are carefully investigated to establish strict passing standards, and scores evaluated by experts in the field are reflected.
In particular, for those who have always played the game without being able to shake off their anxiety and worry, we select and recommend places that have been operated with transparent operating know-how and solid capital through thorough verification . This is also reflected in the evaluation score.

customer satisfaction
System stability and guarantee casino presence/non-existence, customer service agent friendliness, Korean language support, response speed, and availability of live chat and 070 telephone consultation are included in the recommendation ranking.
In particular, since members’ problem-free use of the site is our top priority, you can play the game more safely when using a site with high customer satisfaction. If something bad happens, the guaranteed casino site that guarantees the members’ funds through a deposit will be reflected as the highest score.

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